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Spring Law Firm
Spring Law Firm
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We work with a wide range of employers, from global companies with operations in Canada to local owner-operators and start-ups.

We advise on the wide range of legal issues that arise out of your workplace, from hiring, to managing disabilities, to terminations. Our services extend into the related areas of independent contractors, service agreements, and other people relationships that complement (and sometimes conflict with) the traditional employee-employer relationship.

We’re Virtual, Paperless, and Love Technology.

All of our lawyers and staff work virtually but are closely connected through technology. Clients love the convenience of solving their legal issues by video or telephone, and it allows us to serve clients from interesting corners beyond downtown Toronto.

As a paperless firm, we seek to automate what administrative processes we can, so that we can focus on client services instead. The intake paperwork and signatures are all done digitally, enabling us to get to work on your problem right away.

Our clients see what’s going on through the client portal, including billing matters, client documents, and letters to counsel, and remain in control of their own legal matters. Plus, we’re always only a video conference, phone call, or email away.

As much as we like technology, we also love people. Our firm is a virtual member of the Dallas Law Chambers at 120 Carlton Street in Toronto, Canada for those times our team wants to get together in person to connect and collaborate with each other.