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Law Society of Alberta’s Practice Management Assessment Tool is a voluntary, free resource

by Law Society of Alberta

By Law Society of Alberta

The Practice Management Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool) is a voluntary resource for Alberta lawyers, firms and other legal professionals involved in firm operations. The Assessment Tool is available at no cost.

Developed by the Prairie Law Societies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), the online Assessment Tool helps lawyers, firms and other legal professionals examine their practice management systems and evaluate their firm policies and processes. Users rate their effectiveness in a variety of practice management areas and are provided with a curated list of free resources to help address gaps and manage risks.

There are three different versions of the Assessment Tool based on practice setting:

  • one for sole practitioners;
  • one for lawyers responsible for the operations of multi-lawyer firms; and
  • one for individual lawyers who are not responsible for firm operations but do manage their own practice within a firm.

Other legal professionals such as office managers or human resource professionals involved in firm operations can also use the tool as needed. Users can complete whichever version of the Assessment Tool is most applicable to their circumstances.

The Assessment Tool is hosted on a third-party platform called AvvyPro, accessible hereSee the Introduction and Instructions guide for additional information.

This introductory video provides an overview of the Assessment Tool, how it works and how it can benefit your practice.

Benefits of the Assessment Tool

Running a law practice takes a lot of time and attention to detail in different areas. The Assessment Tool organizes these elements in one place to help lawyers, firms and other legal professionals operate efficiently and ethically. Ratings are recorded within the online platform for easy reference to track progress. The ratings users provide in the Assessment Tool are private and only accessible to the Law Society in aggregate form.

The Assessment Tool contains suggested resources applicable to legal practice in Alberta. Sourcing resources for the Assessment Tool has helped the Law Society to identify gaps in resources available and to prioritize resource development work in those areas.

Corresponding printable workbooks are also available on the online platform for those who prefer to work alongside or solely from a document. There is also some additional guidance provided in the workbooks. Please note that the workbook on its own does not prioritize areas of focus or curate a tailored resource list. Only the online Assessment Tool has this functionality.


For more information on the Assessment Tool and how it works, read our FAQ below or review the Introduction and Instructions guide. Questions, feedback or suggestions related to the content or resources in the Assessment Tool can be emailed to our Education department.

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