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The Hum Law firm focuses on workplace and employment law, professional regulation, human rights law, diversity issues, litigation and investigations. We practice in both Ontario and Quebec and offer legal services in English and French for employers and employees, plaintiffs and defendants.

Most employers will, at some point during the lifetime of their business, have to deal with a workplace incident that results in a harassment or discrimination complaint. In some instances, this may require a workplace investigation.

If you are dealing with a workplace conflict and you are not sure how to proceed, Hum Law Firm can help you navigate your current situation. Contact us today to speak with an expert about the most efficient and cost-effective approach to deal with your situation.

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The Team

Lai-King Hum

Founder of Hum Law, Lai-King Hum is known for expertise in all areas of workplace law. Her practice encompasses employment law, human rights, professional regulation, mediation and litigation. Lai opened her Toronto-based employment law and human rights firm in 2014, having established herself as a leading employment law practitioner at top-tier national firms in Ontario and Quebec.

Lai advises and represents Canadian and U.S.- and China-based businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals in a range of matters in jurisdictions across Canada. She offers legal services in English and French to clients in manufacturing, education, healthcare and financial / banking services. Licensed by both the Ontario Bar and the Quebec Bar, Lai has appeared before various levels of court and tribunals. She is a member of ADR Institute of Ontario, and conducts workplace investigations as well as mediations.

Before embarking on a full-scale investigation, Lai first ensures that the client has explored and exhausted all avenues for resolution. She is experienced in resolving internal workplace matters relating to harassment or discrimination, either through investigations or as a workplace mediator.

As a mediator in workplace matters, Lai tailors her approach to the circumstances at-hand, but leans towards an evaluative mediation practice model, rooted in her knowledge of the law.

In addition to her practice, Lai is a Deputy Judge in the Small Claims Court of the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. She is also one of three Discrimination and Harassment Counsel in the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel Program, a service funded by the Law Society of Ontario.

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