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Books for Employers/HR

Employment Law for Business and Human Resources Professionals. Revised 4th Edition

Author: Kathryn J. Filsinger

Price: $145.99

Description: This book explores the statutory and common law concepts surrounding the employer/employee relationship. It addresses topics crucial for human resources professionals, including workplace harassment, treatment of mental stress, precarious work, increases to minimum wage, and “equal pay for equal work” provisions. 

Books for Employees

‘I’ve been let go. Now what?’: The 15-minute must-read guide for anyone who has been fired or let go in Canada

Author: Todd Humber

Price: $4.99

Description: Losing your job is stressful.
But it’s important for anyone who has been fired, laid off or packaged out to fully understand their rights.
This brief guide to employment law in Canada walks you through the basics of your rights to ensure you’re not missing out on any payments. Not all of them are obvious, and your HR department might not highlight everything you’re entitled to.
In 15 minutes, you’ll be prepped on the basics of your entitlements under the law so you can have an intelligent conversation with your lawyer.

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