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From the editors of HR Law Canada comes a revolutionary publishing service tailored exclusively for the legal and human resources community: HR Law Canada Press.

We understand the nuances of workplace law and the value of sharing that knowledge. That’s why we’ve crafted a turnkey solution designed for lawyers, HR professionals, and thought leaders eager to transform their insights into published works.

Simplify Your Journey to Authorship

Navigating the complexities of book publication can be as challenging as understanding workplace legislation. But it doesn’t have to be. HR Law Canada Press is your personal guide, simplifying the publication process with a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Professional layout and design, ensuring your text is presented with clarity and impact.
  • Publication options on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, or hardcover, making your work accessible to a global audience.
  • Full management of printing and shipping logistics, providing a seamless distribution experience.

Earn As You Enlighten

Your knowledge is valuable. As an HR Law Canada Press author, you’ll receive royalties for each book sold, turning your expertise into a rewarding venture.

Unmatched Visibility at an Unbeatable Price

For a flat rate of $995, not only do we handle the design and placement of your book on Amazon, but we also integrate robust marketing strategies, tapping into HR Law Canada’s extensive reader base. Your publication will feature in the HR Law Canada Press online bookstore, ensuring your book reaches the eyes of those who will benefit most from your wisdom.

Need editing as well? Our professional editors can provide a quote – based on the length of the work.

Your Words, Our Network

With HR Law Canada Press, your work is amplified through regular marketing efforts, leveraging our platform to highlight your book to thousands of engaged readers. We’re committed to making your voice heard in the sphere where it matters most.

Join the Ranks of Published Experts

Step into the spotlight as a recognized authority in your field. With HR Law Canada Press, publishing your book is more than a milestone—it’s a strategic career move.

Start Your Publishing Journey Today

Why wait? Your audience is ready to learn from you. Contact HR Law Canada Press to embark on a path that leads from manuscript to masterpiece.

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HR Law Canada is dedicated to covering labour and employment news for lawyers, HR professionals and employers. Published by North Wall Media.