Call for Appointed Bencher applications in Manitoba due April 24

The Manitoba Legislature building viewed at night, with the famous Golden Boy illuminated. Photo: A-K/Unsplash
By Law Society of Manitoba

There is an opening for a practising lawyer to join our board as an Appointed Bencher for the remainder of the 2022-2024 term once President and Appointed Bencher Sacha Paul becomes a life bencher on May 18, 2023. Whether or not you are running in the by-election, all practising Manitoba lawyers are invited to put your name forward as a candidate for appointment.

The appointment process ensures that applicants with unique skill sets and abilities and from diverse backgrounds are eligible for appointment. With a view to establishing a diverse bencher table, the Nominating Committee will recommend to the benchers a candidate based on a skills matrix, which considers an applicant’s knowledge, skills, background and established competencies, such as integrity and sound judgment.

To apply, send your resume to Pat Bourbonnais at [email protected] by no later than Monday, April 24.

Serving as a bencher is an enriching and rewarding experience. For additional information, visit the Law Society Bencher Board & Committees, Become a Bencher page.