Digital credentials project for lawyers expands in B.C.

A photo showing groups of binary numbers. Photo: Alexander Sinn/Unsplash
By the Law Society of British Columbia

Over the last two years, the Law Society of BC, the Court Services Branch and the BC government have been working together to develop digital credentials for lawyers. Following a pilot project involving more than 250 family lawyers, the Member Digital Credential project is now launching province-wide in a phased rollout beginning in the areas of family and criminal law.

Digital credentials are an innovative solution that enables lawyers to securely identify themselves online, provides a more efficient and cost-effective way to interact with courts and government services, and allows access to online court materials.

Currently, the Member Digital Credential allows family lawyers to access digital versions of Provincial Court documents and file details. Criminal lawyers are able to access Provincial Court audio and information, court clerk log notes and the electronic Record of Proceedings.

To learn more, log in to the Member Portal and go to the Member Digital Credential section. If you have questions about this initiative, email [email protected].

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