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Research study investigates self-represented litigant experiences of virtual hearings

by HR Law Canada

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) has embarked on a groundbreaking research study aimed at understanding the experiences of self-represented litigants (SRLs) in virtual hearings.

This initiative, made possible by a generous grant from the McLachlin Fund, aims to provide valuable recommendations to courts and tribunals to enhance access and usability for all litigants involved, according to a post on the Law Society of Saskatchewan’s website.

The first phase of the project involves conducting a comprehensive survey that will be distributed to as many Canadian self-represented litigants with virtual hearing experiences as possible. The NSRLP is eager to gather insights from SRLs who have participated in virtual hearings across various legal domains, including family, civil, criminal, and administrative matters such as the Human Rights Tribunal, Landlord/Tenant Board, Social Security Tribunal, and Immigration Review Board, among others.

The NSRLP has designed an online survey to collect this valuable information. The survey, accessible here, takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. SRLs are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions related to virtual hearings. The survey will remain open for responses until mid-August.

To ensure inclusivity, a French translation of the survey is also available here to accommodate the needs of French-speaking participants.

Additionally, the NSRLP is seeking assistance in reaching out to SRLs by identifying spaces, both physical and virtual, where they may be found. Those who have access to such spaces are encouraged to contact the NSRLP at [email protected]. The NSRLP will provide shareable and downloadable posters and images related to the survey, facilitating wider dissemination among SRL communities.

The NSRLP expresses its gratitude for the support and participation of SRLs in their efforts to improve the functionality and accessibility of virtual hearing processes throughout Canada. By gathering valuable insights and recommendations, this research study aims to contribute to a more inclusive and effective justice system for all litigants involved.

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