Law Society of British Columbia offers new mental health, well-being resources for legal professionals

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Improving legal professionals’ mental health is a key priority for the Law Society.

The Law Society recognizes that lawyers are human beings, each with a unique set of personal and professional experiences, and that their well-being can affect their ability to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Lawyers who are well and thriving are move likely to contribute to the effective delivery of legal services and the public’s positive perception and trust in the legal profession.

In order to help improve mental health and well-being in the legal profession, the Law Society has reorganized and expanded the resources available to legal professionals now available through our new Lawyer Well-Being Hub. The hub provides a central access point for information about support available to lawyers and their families, including easy-to-access resources, videos, tools and information.

The Well-Being Hub also includes providing lawyers with access to LifeSpeak, a digital wellness platform that offers anonymous access to resources and content 24/7, including a library of short, digestible videos, live Q&A web chats with mental health experts and blog posts.

LifeSpeak is an excellent option for those looking to invest in mental well-being without scheduling an appointment with a counsellor. LifeSpeak’s short videos offer practical strategies and insights into mental well-being that can be immediately implemented into daily life. LifeSpeak also provides access to courses that can be claimed for continuing professional development (CPD) credit.

More information can be found in the Lawyer Well-Being Hub.


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