Law Society of Ontario launches Women’s Resource Centre to support female legal professionals at all career stages

Photo: Canva

The Law Society of Ontario has inaugurated a new Women’s Resource Centre, an online platform aimed at supporting women in the legal profession at various career stages, whether in private practice, in-house, or government roles. The centre seeks to address the systemic factors that have contributed to the attrition of women in legal fields.

Law Society Treasurer Jacqueline Horvat noted that societal challenges continue to impede the progress of women in legal careers. “The Women’s Resource Centre represents a dedicated and focused initiative to empower women, not just upon entry into the profession, but throughout their journey into leadership roles,” she said.

The online hub features 12 comprehensive guides designed to help women lawyers navigate professional challenges. These guides cover topics ranging from personal branding and overcoming biases to leadership skills and career progression. The platform aims to equip women with the resources and strategies to excel in their legal careers, providing step-by-step advice and practical tips.

The Women’s Resource Centre is an expansion of the Law Society’s Justicia Project, initially launched in November 2008. That project provided resources specifically for women lawyers in private practice. Megan Shortreed, the former co-chair of the Justicia Project, said, “We are indebted to the benchers, lawyers, and founding firms who took the Justicia Project from a concept to a reality that made an appreciable difference in the work lives of many women lawyers.”

Those interested in the Women’s Resource Centre can access its guides on the Law Society’s website.

The Law Society, which regulates lawyers and paralegals in Ontario, has a mandate to act in the public interest and facilitate access to justice for Ontarians. It also aims to maintain and advance the cause of justice and the rule of law.

For more information about the Women’s Resource Centre and to access the comprehensive guides, visit