Miller Thomson launches employer brand campaign in bid to attract top legal talent

Screengrab from the video the firm shared on LinkedIn.

Miller Thomson has rolled out a new employer brand campaign, aimed at attracting elite talent who align with the firm’s enterprising, impactful and inclusive spirit.

The move follows a comprehensive brand overhaul designed to resonate with both existing and potential team members, it said in a press release.

Peter Auvinen, Chair of Miller Thomson, stated that the campaign is a “milestone for our firm,” adding that it “represents the heart and soul of Miller Thomson, showcasing our commitment to fostering innovation, personal growth, and a diverse and inclusive work environment.”

He expressed confidence that the initiative will not only attract exceptional talent but also “provide a sense of belonging for our people who will contribute to our continued success.”

Jessica Watkins, Chief Talent Officer at Miller Thomson, emphasized that the brand truly encapsulates “the essence of who we are as a firm.” She added that the new branding is a testament to the collective power of their people, stating that it aims to create a fulfilling environment “regardless of role.”

To offer a more comprehensive and authentic view of its work culture, the firm has also updated its LinkedIn Life Page and expanded the “Work Here” section on its website.

A series of videos that represent the essence of Miller Thomson’s employer brand will be disseminated across social media platforms, it said.

Miller Thomson, which has around 525 lawyers working across 5 provinces in Canada, provides a wide array of services in business law ranging from mergers and acquisitions to labor and employment. The firm’s offices are located in various Canadian cities including Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto.

This new employer branding campaign comes as law firms across the country vie for top talent in an increasingly competitive market. By aligning its public persona more closely with its core values, Miller Thomson hopes to set itself apart as an employer of choice.