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Dye & Durham launches DeeDee, a legal information AI assistant, in the U.K.

by HR Law Canada

Dye & Durham Limited has introduced DeeDee, its first generative AI-enabled solution designed to support solo, small, and medium-sized law firms. This new AI assistant aims to simplify the process of sourcing and understanding legal information.

DeeDee, available through the Unity Global Platform in the United Kingdom, offers legal professionals around-the-clock access to localized legal information. The AI assistant is trained by lawyers and utilizes advanced models from OpenAI, providing features such as summarizing legal principles and generating first drafts of documents.

Matt Proud, CEO of Dye & Durham, stated, “AI is redefining the way legal operations run and how lawyers manage their days. With DeeDee, we are providing legal professionals with an easy-to-adopt, practical AI tool designed to help them do more high-value work each day.”

The introduction of DeeDee is part of Dye & Durham’s broader strategy to deliver AI-enabled solutions to legal firms worldwide. DeeDee is currently available in the UK, with plans to launch in Canada by the third quarter of 2024.

Dye & Durham Limited is a provider of cloud-based practice management software for legal and business professionals. The company operates in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa, offering solutions that empower legal professionals and support critical corporate transactions.

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