B.C. Premier, Minister of Labour issue statement on International Workers’ Day

The flag of British Columbia. Photo: Canva/HR Law Canada

The Premier of British Columbia, David Eby, and Harry Bains, the Minister of Labour, have issued a statement recognizing International Workers’ Day and showing their support for the workers in British Columbia and around the world.

The statement acknowledged the dedication and efforts of the workers and committed to advancing the rights and welfare of working people. The global inflation has hit the low-paid workers hard and has become a major concern for the government. The government has announced measures to support the workers who are struggling with the rising cost of living.

The minimum wage in British Columbia will increase to $16.75 an hour on June 1, 2023. The government has issued three BC Affordability Credits, increased the Climate Action Tax Credit, and the BC Family Benefit to ensure that no one falls further behind during these challenging times.

The statement further emphasized that every worker deserves fair working conditions and a place to turn to when they are treated unfairly. The government has witnessed a sharp increase in the demand for the Employment Standards Branch’s services since the pandemic began. Thus, the government has boosted the branch’s operating budget by nearly $12 million over three years to better protect the workers.

The government has also taken measures to enhance workplace safety measures, improve supports for injured workers, ensure all workers get five paid sick days each year, and help close the gender pay gap.

The government stands in solidarity with workers on International Workers’ Day and thanked them for their contributions to growing a strong British Columbia economy.