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Manitoba to enhance road safety with new amendments to Drivers and Vehicles Act

by HR Law Canada

The Manitoba government has announced proposed amendments to the Drivers and Vehicles Act aimed at bolstering road safety and consumer protection concerning heavy trailers.

Justice Minister Matt Wiebe, who is also responsible for the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, revealed the initiative, which intends to enable Manitoba Public Insurance to better document and represent the condition and history of heavy trailers.

The minister emphasized the government’s commitment to safety and consumer rights: “We’re taking action to keep unsafe heavy trailers off Manitoba roads and making sure that when Manitobans buy a used trailer, they’re aware of its condition,” said Wiebe. “This is about protecting consumers and making our roads and highways safer here in Manitoba.”

Under current regulations, heavy trailers can only obtain a normal status upon registration, regardless of their past condition, including instances where they have been declared a write-off locally or in other regions. The proposed legislative changes would align the status designations of heavy trailers with those applicable to motor vehicles, incorporating classifications such as salvageable, irreparable, or rebuilt, along with the existing normal status.

These amendments are specifically targeted at heavy trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 4,500 kilograms. These vehicles are considered to present a higher risk on the roads due to their significant size and are associated with over three-quarters of all trailer-related claims in Manitoba, according to the minister’s statement.

Additionally, the proposed modifications supplement existing safety measures, noting that heavy trailers in Manitoba must currently undergo the Periodic Mandatory Vehicle Inspection program, which mandates mechanical safety checks every 12 months. This move is part of a broader effort to enhance vehicle safety and transparency for consumers in the province.

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