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Nominations sought for award recognizing Mi’kmaq and Indigenous lawyers in Nova Scotia

by HR Law Canada

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society has officially opened the nomination process for the prestigious Award for Mi’kmaq & Indigenous Peoples Excellence in the Legal Profession (AMIE).

This esteemed accolade aims to honor exceptional Mi’kmaq and Indigenous lawyers within Nova Scotia who have made significant contributions to their community, Nation, the legal profession, and the Society.

Last year, the recipient of this distinguished award was Josie McKinney, whose outstanding achievements and commitment to her field set an inspiring example for others. To learn more about the award and Josie McKinney’s biography, please refer to the provided link.

The AMIE Committee will carefully review the nominations and present their recommendations to the Council, basing their decisions on the following key criteria:

  1. Mi’kmaw or Indigenous Lawyer within Nova Scotia: The nominee must be a Mi’kmaw or Indigenous lawyer, whether currently practicing or not, operating within the region.
  2. Community Service: The nominee should demonstrate a strong dedication to the Mi’kmaq and Indigenous community through their active involvement in volunteer work.
  3. Reform: The recipient must have played a significant role in advocating for reform and change within the justice system, with a focus on ensuring substantive equity for Mi’kmaq communities and Indigenous peoples residing in Nova Scotia.
  4. Leadership: The nominee should be recognized as a community leader who continuously strives for positive change and progress.
  5. Mentorship: The recipient must have demonstrated a commitment to mentoring other Mi’kmaq and Indigenous lawyers, fostering growth and development within the legal profession.
  6. Overall Contribution: The nominee must have a notable career dedicated to advancing Mi’kmaq and Indigenous rights and upholding legal traditions.

The Society urges the public to participate actively in the nomination process by putting forward any exceptional Mi’kmaw or Indigenous lawyers who align with the above criteria. Nominations can be submitted by completing the official nomination form, which must be received no later than July 7th.

For any inquiries regarding this award, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Society’s Equity and Access department via email at [email protected].

This prestigious award serves as an opportunity to honor the remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions made by Mi’kmaq and Indigenous lawyers within Nova Scotia, recognizing their tireless efforts in promoting justice, equity, and the well-being of their communities.

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