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vLex launches comprehensive AI legal research platform

by HR Law Canada

Global legal intelligence company vLex has unveiled a suite of AI tools in its Vincent AI assistant, aiming to create an extensive AI legal research platform. This suite, which was introduced today in an invitation-only beta release, marks a significant advancement in AI-powered legal analysis.

Vincent AI is built upon one of the world’s largest online law libraries, boasting the legal content of over 110 countries and housing more than 1 billion cases, statutes, regulations, dockets, pleadings, and motions. Furthermore, Vincent AI utilizes secondary materials and expert treatises, providing unique insights not found in other tools.

Currently operational in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, and Spain, with support for both English and Spanish, Vincent AI plans to expand its jurisdiction coverage gradually.

vLex CEO Lluís Faus emphasized the importance of data quality, stating, “AI tools are only as good as the data they rely on, and the vLex law library is one of the largest collections of structured law on the planet, including leading expert commentary. That leads to unprecedented insights for legal tasks. For legal LLMs, this release is a major improvement. The results are astonishing.”

Capabilities of Vincent AI

Vincent AI is designed to accept natural language questions, conduct research in primary and secondary sources, present customizable source lists, provide research summaries with verifiable hyperlinks, and generate research memos or arguments in various formats. The beta launch includes eight primary functions:

  1. Ask a Question: Creates a research memo to answer legal questions with direct citations and links to verified sources.
  2. Build an Argument: Researches and generates arguments for or against propositions based on precedent in specific jurisdictions.
  3. Compare Law in Different Jurisdictions: Allows users to compare governing law across different states or countries.
  4. Spot Legal Issues: Instantly reads and summarizes the issues in a case.
  5. Headnote Summaries: Generates editorial headnotes for cases on demand.
  6. Document as a Search: Enables users to drag and drop a document to automatically find related precedents without additional searches.
  7. Related Authorities: During research, locates related authorities, including primary and secondary materials from vLex.
  8. Vincent for Word: Integrates Vincent AI within Microsoft Word for seamless access.

Vincent AI aims to simplify legal research for professionals, making it more intuitive and reducing or eliminating any learning curve typically associated with legal research tools.

Building Confidence with AI

To ensure reliable and accurate results, Vincent AI sources its information directly from authoritative legal sources, including case law, statutes, regulations, and secondary materials. It provides verifiable answers without reliance on fabricated data.

vLex’s vast database, coupled with AI-powered search capabilities, translates natural language questions into comprehensive searches, ensuring that users gain insights that might have been missed through manual searches. Vincent AI offers:

  • Verified Answers: Summaries linked directly to primary and secondary materials to understand how each case, law, or article addresses the user’s questions.
  • Unprecedented User Control: Allows users to add or omit cases from analysis and view relevant source text, offering unparalleled control.
  • Global Legal Intelligence: Bridges the gap in international and comparative research, providing fast and accurate legal answers worldwide.
  • Build and Counter Arguments: Facilitates the formulation of compelling arguments and the support or counter of propositions.

Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product at vLex, remarked, “We are proud to launch this new feature, built using the largest collections of legal information in the world – to answer questions reliably in a way that no other provider can. Vincent AI is now the only tool on the market that can build arguments and answer research questions in different jurisdictions, using verified, customizable sources to ensure responsible, ethical, and accurate performance.”

Join the Waitlist

Vincent AI’s suite of tools can identify related documents worldwide, generate accurate summaries, and answer research questions promptly. Law firms interested in being notified about the availability of Vincent AI’s new skills can join the waitlist via the vLex Insights Program at www.vlex.com/insights.

About vLex

vLex is a global legal intelligence platform that grants legal professionals access to an extensive collection of legal and regulatory information worldwide. Following its merger with Fastcase in April 2023, vLex now incorporates the Fastcase, Docket Alarm, and NextChapter brands. Trusted by over two million lawyers, researchers, government departments, and law schools worldwide, vLex offers comprehensive and intuitive access to the law across more than 200 jurisdictions through its AI-powered legal research platform.

Recognized as the Overall Legal Research Solution Provider of the Year 2022 by the Legaltech Breakthrough Awards, vLex leads the way in legal AI and global intelligence. The merger with Fastcase further demonstrates vLex’s commitment to developing AI-driven solutions for the legal industry, delivering the world’s largest global law library with over one billion legal documents on a single platform, enabling legal professionals to work more efficiently and find relevant insights faster. For more information about vLex, visit www.vlex.com.

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