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Flexible work and enhanced technology key to workplace evolution, finds survey from Staples Canada

by HR Law Canada

As businesses and employees adapt to the post-holiday return to work, Staples Professional, in collaboration with Angus Reid Group, reveals insights into the evolving dynamics of the workplace in Canada. Their recent study, ‘The Evolution of Work Report,’ projects continuing trends in hybrid work models, technology, and workplace culture for 2024 and beyond.

David Boone, CEO of Staples Canada, emphasizes the changing landscape of work strategies. “Our focus is to assist companies in adapting and providing optimal support to their employees,” Boone states. This involves fostering environments that encourage connectivity, collaboration, and a robust workplace culture.

The report highlights several key trends:

  1. Flexible Work Models: The hybrid work model, blending home and office work, is increasingly preferred. A significant 81% of those surveyed express high satisfaction with their balance of home and office work days.
  2. Cultural and Connectional Focus: In-office work is seen as vital for building strong interpersonal relationships (65%), enhancing communication with colleagues (53%), and fostering a sense of company belonging (48%).
  3. Technological Advancements: Access to better office equipment is a major draw for hybrid workers. About 30% of employees identify this as a primary benefit of working from the office.
  4. Workplace Happiness: A majority of respondents (56%) find working from home to be more satisfying. Notably, newer employees, those experiencing lower levels of burnout, and those with flexible office schedules report higher happiness levels in the office.
  5. Personalized Work Models: Nearly half of the employees are unsure about their work guidelines for 2024, signaling a need for companies to tailor their hybrid models to enhance productivity.

Boone underlines the importance of balancing hybrid work to boost employee happiness and productivity. Staples Professional aims to partner with clients to navigate these changes, offering comprehensive business solutions ranging from technology to workplace design.

In addition, Staples has formed a Work from Anywhere Advisory Council, comprising experts across tech, productivity, design, and more. This initiative seeks to provide valuable insights and support for adapting to new work models.

The study, conducted with 1,006 hybrid working employees and 311 employers in Canada, offers a glimpse into the evolving expectations and needs within the workplace. With a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points for employees and +/- 4.8 points for employers, these insights are a significant indicator of the trends shaping Canadian workspaces in the coming years.

About Staples Canada: Staples Canada, a leading retail and business solutions provider, operates over 300 locations across the country, catering to a diverse range of customer needs. The company also advocates for community equity through initiatives like its Even the Odds campaign.

About Angus Reid Group: Angus Reid, a prominent name in Canadian market research, offers a variety of services to a wide range of clients. The Angus Reid Forum is a key platform for gathering national opinions on critical issues.

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