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Boucher Bros. Lumber fined $102,000 after worker injured by wood planer

by HR Law Canada

Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd. has been ordered to pay $102,000 following a guilty plea for violating Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. The penalty stems from a workplace incident where a worker suffered injuries after coming into contact with the blades of a wood planer.

The incident occurred on Sept. 28, 2022, at the company’s Nampa, Alta., location. Initially facing 12 charges under the OHS legislation, the Crown withdrew 11 after the guilty plea was entered in the Peace River Court of Justice on April 15.

Instead of a traditional fine, the payment will fund a mill safety education campaign managed by the Alberta Forest Products Association.

This initiative includes the development of safety education videos targeting the lumber industry, utilizing the “creative sentence” provision of the OHS Act. This option allows for fines to be redirected to projects that enhance workplace safety.

Alberta’s OHS laws, which aim to maximize health and safety in workplaces, provide the framework for such penalties. Charges are typically laid when non-compliance with these laws results in serious injuries or fatalities.

It should be noted that victim fine surcharges, which are additional costs added to fines paid to the Crown, do not apply to payments made under creative sentences.

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