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Cain Lamarre ranks third among Quebec’s largest law firms: Les Affaires

by HR Law Canada

Cain Lamarre has been named the third-largest law firm in Quebec, according to a recent ranking by Les Affaires. This placement highlights the firm’s significant growth and expansion across the province.

Over the past few years, Cain Lamarre has experienced notable expansion in both its team size and project scope, necessitating an increase in specialized expertise. The firm currently operates across eight regions in Quebec, with a robust team that supports a diverse range of practice areas.

Yvan Bujold, lawyer, partner, and president of Cain Lamarre, expressed pride in the firm’s achievements. “We are proud to receive this wonderful recognition, resulting from the collaboration between our teams of professionals and the trust of our clients,” Bujold said. “The growth of our 18 practice groups across 14 business locations throughout Quebec is integral to our firm’s evolution and reflects our deep-rooted identity as specialists in Quebec’s economies and industries.”

In response to its growth, Cain Lamarre is relocating its Montreal office to a new, strategically chosen site. The firm will move to the iconic former Holt Renfrew building on 1300 Sherbrooke Street, noted for its Art Deco architecture. This new location is expected to provide a conducive work environment for current and future legal professionals and staff, with the move scheduled for the summer of 2024.

The firm’s rise to the top three underscores its significant role in Quebec’s legal sector. Cain Lamarre employs over 275 legal professionals and offers expertise in various fields, including business law, real estate, environmental law, and Indigenous law. Since its foundation, Cain Lamarre has committed to delivering exemplary legal services and effectively supporting its clients’ needs.

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