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New regulation mandates in-cab warning devices for dump box commercial vehicles in B.C.

by HR News Canada

Starting June 1, 2024, all commercial vehicles with dump boxes in British Columbia will be required to have in-cab warning devices to prevent infrastructure crashes.

This regulation, outlined in B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, mandates that vehicles with dump boxes capable of rising above 4.15 meters must be equipped with these devices to alert drivers when the dump box is raised.

The initiative aims to enhance road safety for commercial drivers and all travelers in the province. The new rule applies to all relevant commercial vehicles operating within B.C., including those from other provinces. Drivers whose vehicles do not comply with the regulation may face a fine of $598, as announced by the provincial government in December 2023.

“Commercial vehicle infrastructure crashes cause damage, block the movement of people and goods, and create safety risks for everyone on the road,” read a press release from the provincial government. While most truck drivers operate responsibly, the trucking industry has called for stricter measures against the few operators who contribute to these incidents.

The introduction of mandatory in-cab warning devices is part of a broader strategy by the province to improve road safety. Other measures include progressive enforcement, increased fines, and enabling courts to impose significant penalties on violators. Additionally, the province is collaborating with other Canadian jurisdictions to address the issue of unsafe carriers operating across borders.

These efforts reflect the provincial government’s commitment to maintaining safer roads and reducing the risks associated with commercial vehicle operations.

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