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Uber facing class-action in Quebec over failure to provide adequate wheelchair accessible services

by HR Law Canada

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Uber Technologies Inc. by Slater Vecchio LLP, alleging that the company has failed to provide adequate wheelchair accessible services in Quebec, in violation of the province’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Despite Uber’s public claims of offering accessible transportation for individuals with physical disabilities, the reality appears to be starkly different. According to the lawsuit, Uber’s WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) service, which is intended to cater to those with mobility impairments, is often unreliable and difficult to access.

Laurent Morrisette, the representative plaintiff in the case, described his personal experiences of being unable to secure accessible rides. “Being denied transportation services on multiple occasions has been demoralizing,” Morrisette stated. “We need to pave the way for accessible journeys, where every person, regardless of ability, can easily access transportation services and contribute more fully to their communities.”

Saro Turner, a partner at Slater Vecchio LLP, emphasized the broader implications of the lawsuit for upholding the values enshrined in Quebec’s charter.

“Rights and freedoms only matter if they apply equally and to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities,” Turner said. “This lawsuit will hold Uber to account and send a message to other companies that this is a place where our core values are taken seriously.”

The law firm is encouraging other individuals with physical disabilities who have faced similar challenges with Uber’s services to come forward. Those affected can participate in the class action by filling out a form on Slater Vecchio’s website.

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