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Management of cannabis company disrupted Teamsters’ organizing meeting: Alberta Labour Relations Board

by HR Law Canada
By Teamsters Local 987

Miscellaneous Employees Teamsters Local Union 987 have won an unfair labour practice complaint filed against Sundial Growers Inc. (Sundial) at the Alberta Labour Relations Board.

The Teamsters complaint was about Sundial’s conduct in relation to a union organizing meeting being held by Teamsters 987 in July, 2022.

The purpose of the union meeting was to inform Sundial employees working at Sundial’s cannabis growing and processing facility in Olds, Alberta about the benefits of being represented by the Teamsters union.  

The information and organizing meeting was being held by Teamsters at the Olds Public Library.  The complaint alleged that Sundial managers intentionally disrupted the meeting.

After hearing evidence about what happened, the Alberta Labour Relations Board decided in favour of Teamsters.

The Board ruled that Sundial’s managers had intentionally and wrongfully disrupted the Teamsters organizing meeting.  The Labour Relations Board held that Sundial had violated the Alberta Labour Relations Code by interfering with the representation of employees by a trade union, and by intimidating employees to compel them to refrain from joining a trade union.

To remedy the misconduct, the Board has directed Sundial to provide the Teamsters with access to Sundial’s workplace, so that Teamsters 987 representatives can meet with all Sundial employees for mandatory employer-paid union information and organizing meetings.

Preston Quintin, Member Engagement and Recruitment Co-ordinator, Teamsters 987 said, “We will always fight for workers across Alberta, and in this instance, employees were facing intimidation to refrain from learning about our union.” He continues, “We are pleased with the outcome and we want all workers to know that we stand with them.”

About Teamsters Local Union 987 of Alberta:

Teamsters Local Union 987 of Alberta is a family of more than 5,000 workers strong from over 13 industries and 40 collective agreements. They protect and empower members through powerful advocacy with employers, superior legal backing and assistance with many other areas that contribute to a greater quality of life. Teamsters 987 has been creating fair workplaces across Alberta since 1942. Visit Teamsters987.com for more information.

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