Diamond & Diamond Lawyers launch $400 million lawsuit on behalf of human trafficking victims against Magna International and others

Protesting against human trafficking. Photo: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash
By Diamond and Diamond Lawyers LLP

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, a leading personal injury law firm, announced the launch of a groundbreaking $400 million lawsuit against four major corporations—Magna International, Inc., Gwillimdale Farms Ltd., Touchstone Resort, and Smith Gardens—for their alleged complicity in human trafficking. 

The lawsuit is an essential step in the fight against human trafficking and underscores Diamond & Diamond Lawyers’ unwavering commitment to securing justice for its clients. The firm aims to send a strong message to other corporations that turning a blind eye to human trafficking will not be tolerated.

“Human trafficking is a reprehensible crime, and we are proud to represent the brave victims in this lawsuit,”said Sandra Zisckind, managing partner of Diamond and Diamond Lawyers. “Our goal is to ensure that these corporations are held accountable for their actions and that justice is served for the survivors of this horrific crime.”

The defendants in this lawsuit have been accused of being complicit in human trafficking, either by knowingly participating in it or by choosing to ignore the signs and evidence of such activities within their operations. The lawsuit seeks to provide the victims with the financial compensation they deserve, as well as to prevent similar actions from occurring in the future.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers is dedicated to fighting for the rights of human trafficking victims and will continue to pursue justice for all victims across Canada. The firm’s skilled legal team has extensive experience in class actions and mass torts, and are committed to using the knowledge and resources to secure favorable outcomes for their clients.

Source: Diamond and Diamond Lawyers LLP

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