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Premium coffee roaster, Julius Meinl, launches initiative to promote gratitude, kindness at work

by HR Law Canada

Premium coffee roaster, Julius Meinl, has released a global study that found people spend more time interacting with co-workers than with family and friends, making the workplace the perfect place to show kindness and gratitude. The study, which surveyed 4,000 adults across Europe, revealed that two out of three people agree that “thank you” isn’t said enough in the workplace.

To promote a culture of gratitude at work, Julius Meinl has launched its ‘Say Thank You’ initiative, which aims to inspire more ‘thank yous’ and moments of kindness with their premium coffee. The initiative has successfully inspired over 250,000 ‘thank yous’ in more than 20 countries across the globe and will be launching for a second year at participating outlets from May 15th, 2023.

The study also revealed that over half of the respondents felt that bosses expect a good job to be done all the time, while 40% cited “time pressures” as one of the main reasons a ‘thank you’ often goes amiss at work. However, the benefits of showing gratitude at work were highlighted, with 81% agreeing that hearing ‘thank you’ from their boss had a positive impact on their day, while three-fifths said it made them feel appreciated, and just under half said it motivated them to work harder.

Christina Menil, official spokesperson for the Julius Meinl ‘Say Thank You’ campaign, said that the research highlighted how small gestures, such as taking someone for a coffee, can make a real impact. She further explained that building strong relationships at work is what makes a good team and can have positive benefits for everyone involved.

Julius Meinl’s ‘Say Thank You’ initiative will allow coffee lovers to receive a voucher to say thank you to someone of their choosing, whether it be a colleague or a loved one, with a complimentary cup of Julius Meinl coffee. The initiative aims to create meaningful moments in each other’s lives and bring Vienna’s coffee house culture, which is about taking time and enjoying the charming little moments in life, to the world.

To learn more about the ‘Say Thank You’ initiative, visit www.juliusmeinl.com/say-thank-you.

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