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Results of Law Society of Ontario’s bencher elections announced

by HR Law Canada

Lawyers and paralegals in Ontario have elected 45 benchers to serve in Convocation, the decision-making body of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), for the next four years. The election took place on April 28 and the results were announced on the LSO website.

The elected benchers include 40 lawyers, 20 from inside Toronto and 20 from outside the city, as well as five paralegals. In addition, eight lay benchers appointed by the Provincial government will join them in Convocation. The newly elected benchers will take office at the May 25, 2023 Convocation.

Convocation meets approximately eight times a year to discuss and decide on policy matters and govern the affairs of the LSO. The composition of Convocation is mandated by the Law Society Act, which requires that it be made up of 40 elected lawyer benchers, five elected paralegal benchers, and eight lay benchers who are not lawyers or paralegals.

The LSO plays an important role in regulating the legal profession in Ontario, ensuring that lawyers and paralegals meet high standards of professionalism and competence. The elected benchers will work with the LSO to fulfill this mandate and represent the interests of lawyers and paralegals across the province.

The following candidates were elected and will take office at the May 25, 2023 Convocation:

TorontoOutside Toronto
Gerald Chan*Kathryn Whitehead (CE) *
Sidney H. TroisterAndrew Spurgeon (CS) *
Atrisha LewisJennifer Gold (CW-CO) *
Annamaria EnenajorMitchell Kitagawa (E) *
Jonathan RosenthalJoelle Malette (NE) *
John CallaghanCheryl C. M. Siran (NW-NO) *
Tanya WalkerGreg Monforton (SW-SO) *
Heather L. HansenNeha Chugh (E)
Rebecca C. DurcanJacqueline Horvat (SW-SO)
Julia Shin DoiLaura L. Emmett (CS)
Margaret L. WaddellNatalia U. Rodriguez (E)
Isfhan MeraliJasminka Kalajdzic (SW-SO)
Peter C. WardleSonia Ouellet (E)
Pam HrickKaren Hulan (SW-SO)
Catherine RhinelanderQuinn Ross (SW-SO)
William C. McDowellKevin L. Ross (SW-SO)
Megan E. ShortreedMatthew Wilson (SW-SO)
Shalini KonanurCathi Mietkiewicz (CW-CO)
Stephen RotsteinStephanie L. Sutherland (CS)
Mark SurchinMichael Winward (CS)

*Regional bencher

Elected benchers (paralegals)

Michelle Lomazzo
Paula Callaghan
Demetra Dimokopoulos
Deborah June Moriah
Mike Radan  

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