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Saskatchewan looking for feedback on changes to its employment standards legislation

by HR Law Canada

The Saskatchewan Government is actively seeking opinions from the public regarding changes to its employment standards, in light of evolving work arrangements influenced by global events and technological advancements.

“Recent shifts in global circumstances, emerging business methods, and technological integrations have paved the way for newer frameworks of employment for both employers and employees,” stated Don Morgan, the Minister for Labour Relations and Workplace Safety. He further emphasized the government’s commitment to updating the legislation, saying, “Based on the feedback we gather, we aim to refresh the rules, ensuring a harmonious and progressive work environment that supports investment and boosts our province’s economic growth.”

The review specifically pertains to Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act and related regulations. Key areas highlighted in a discussion paper include:

  • Definitions and application of employment standards concerning both employers and employees
  • Regulations around working hours
  • Wage specifics, including tip regulation
  • Safeguards for employees who are ill or injured
  • Provisions for employment leaves
  • Protocols around layoffs and terminations
  • The jurisdiction of employment standards officers

The detailed discussion paper, providing more insights into these aspects, is accessible at www.saskatchewan.ca/government/public-consultations.

Residents wishing to share their feedback have until October 31, 2023, to voice their opinions. Comments can be sent via email to [email protected] or mailed to:

Employment Standards Review Corporate Services Division Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety 300-1870 Albert Street, Regina, SK S4P 4W1

The government’s move underlines its intent to modernize its employment guidelines and adapt to the rapidly-changing dynamics of the work environment.

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