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SNC-Lavalin faces union fury over decision to termination president of SPEA

by HR Law Canada

SNC-Lavalin, the Montreal-based engineering firm, has come under scrutiny from labour following their decision to terminate Mark Chudak, the President of the Society of Professional Engineers and Associates (SPEA).

Unifor condemned the dismissal, framing it as a blatant act of anti-union animus.

Lana Payne, the national president of Unifor, criticized SNC-Lavalin’s move, stating, “In taking action against Mark Chudak, a committed union advocate, SNC-Lavalin has further complicated matters for themselves.”

She emphasized that workers should be able to organize and voice their rights without the looming threat of punitive consequences.

Unifor, representing 315,000 workers across various sectors in Canada, perceives Chudak’s termination as a stark warning sign of rising anti-union tendencies within the firm. The union said that recognizing and valuing the contributions of union representatives is pivotal to preserving an equitable and collaborative workplace atmosphere.

“Unifor is committed to ensuring that all workers, including stalwarts like Mark Chudak, receive fair treatment,” said Payne.

In light of recent events, Unifor has called upon SNC-Lavalin to reevaluate their decisions and implement measures to amend the current predicament. The overarching goal is to repair the strained employer-union rapport within the company, it said.

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