BRP contests Quebec board’s claims of underpaying relocated workers from Mexico

A rider on a Sea-Doo in front of a lighthouse. Photo: Canva

BRP, the manufacturer behind popular products like Sea-Doos and Ski-Doos, is contesting claims made by Quebec’s workplace health and safety board that it violated labour laws by underpaying workers it relocated from Mexico to a Canadian facility.

“We are convinced that we have paid our Mexican expatriate employees here in Quebec fairly and equitably when they came to help our Valcourt employees. We have treated them with respect and dignity, as we do our 23,000 employees worldwide,” stated BRP spokeswoman Melanie Montplaisir in a written communication, according to the Canadian Press.

The CNESST has proposed penalties totaling $127,000 for BRP, a company that reported $865.4 million in profits in its last fiscal year ending January 31. The provincial board has refrained from making further comments due to “ongoing procedures.”

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