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Alberta introduces new streamlined trial process to expedite legal disputes

by HR Law Canada

Albertans might soon see faster resolution to legal disputes with the introduction of a new streamlined trial process, set to take effect from Jan. 1, 2024.

This new approach, replacing a less commonly used summary trial process, aims to reduce both time and expenses typically associated with civil and family court cases, according to the province.

Developed following the recommendations from the Alberta Rules of Court Committee, the streamlined trials will focus on written evidence as its core, diverging from the traditional reliance on oral evidence. The move is anticipated to significantly cut down courtroom time by having parties prepare joint materials that pinpoint the exact issues at stake and establish agreed-upon facts and relevant records.

Justice and Attorney General Mickey Amery underscored the government’s dedication to a more affordable and accessible justice system, stating, “With streamlined trials, Albertans will have an easier and faster experience when resolving civil or family legal disputes.”

The court will hold discretion to opt for a streamlined trial, considering the potential for a fair resolution, the complexity and financial significance of the case, and the available court resources. This process adds to the current options of regular and jury trials, embodying a third, more efficient mode.

The hope is that the streamlined trial process will uphold the right to a fair trial while simplifying the legal journey for Albertans facing civil or family disputes.

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