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Saskatchewan raises small claims court limit to $50,000

by HR Law Canada

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced new regulations to raise the monetary limit for claims in the Provincial (Small Claims) Court. The limit will increase from $30,000 to $50,000, effective April 1, 2024, positioning Saskatchewan with the second-highest small claims limit in Canada.

Justice Minister and Attorney General Bronwyn Eyre highlighted the benefits of this regulation change.

“The Provincial Court offers a more user-friendly and cost-effective route for resolving disputes,” she said, emphasizing the reduced necessity for a litigant to hire a lawyer. The expansion of the monetary limit aims to make justice more accessible and efficient for Saskatchewan residents.

Canadian Bar Association’s support

The Canadian Bar Association’s Saskatchewan Branch President, Steven Dribnenki, praised the decision, noting that it would enable more citizens to settle civil disputes quickly and affordably.

“This increase to $50,000 in claimable damages will significantly improve Access to Justice in the province,” Dribnenki remarked.

Option for litigants

Under the new regulations, plaintiffs with claims up to the new $50,000 cap can still choose to take their matters to the Court of King’s Bench.

Additionally, for claims exceeding the new limit, plaintiffs have the option to waive the excess amount and proceed through Small Claims Court.

Industry perspective

The decision also received support from industry representatives. Stu Neibergall, President and CEO of the Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association, endorsed the raised limit.

“This increase not only acknowledges the evolving economic landscape but also offers a more accessible way for those involved in construction disputes to seek timely and cost-effective resolutions,” Neibergall stated, underscoring the positive implications for the housing industry.

The last adjustment to the small claims limit in Saskatchewan occurred in 2016, following a review by the Ministry of Justice. The current increase reflects the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to improving access to justice, aligning with the feedback received from the legal community during the review process.

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