Toronto man ordered to misrepresenting himself as a professional engineer by Ontario court

Photo: 89Stocker/Canva

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has issued an order against Michael Stephen Archer, a resident of Toronto, barring him from pretending to be a professional engineer, according to a news release issued by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

This ruling stems from Archer’s repeated misrepresentations of himself as a licensed professional engineer, actions that have raised concerns about public safety, it said.

The case, led PEO — the provincial regulatory authority for professional engineering — highlights the strict measures taken to protect public interests, especially regarding safety matters. PEO’s legal team, comprising Matthew Howe and Jeffrey Wang from the law firm Polley Faith LLP, successfully argued the need for the court’s intervention, it said.

According to the details of the case, in 2022 and 2023, Archer, who lacks a professional engineering license, unlawfully used the title “P.Eng.” and threatened to engage in activities reserved for licensed engineers. This included offering engineering services to the public and creating engineering seals, actions directly violating the Professional Engineers Act.

The court’s order prohibits Archer from any further such actions and imposes a financial penalty, requiring him to pay PEO costs totaling $25,000.

PEO continues to investigate the matter, it said. The regulatory body has also issued a public notice, urging anyone who may have received engineering documents or services from Archer under various names, including “M.S. Archer” and “Michael Stephen Archer,” to contact PEO’s enforcement hotline.

Furthermore, PEO cautions the public against the unauthorized use of engineering seals, noting that such conduct could lead to charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. The organization stresses the importance of verifying the licensure of individuals and firms offering engineering services.

For verification of licensure or to report unlicensed individuals and unauthorized firms, PEO directs the public to its online directory and enforcement hotline.