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McMillan LLP launches mental health program to help young lawyers in partnership with TELUS Health

by HR Law Canada

McMillan LLP has partnered with TELUS Health to launch a comprehensive mental health support program for its associates nationwide.

This initiative marks the first instance in Canada where a law firm has implemented the TELUS Health Wellbeing Assessment for all its associates, particularly targeting lawyers with five years or less of practice, according to a press release from the law firm.

“By prioritizing the mental wellbeing of our young lawyers, we are setting a new standard in the legal industry,” said Tim Murphy, CEO of McMillan LLP.

This decision comes in response to findings by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, which noted that legal professionals in the first decade of their career experience high levels of psychological distress.

“It’s essential to equip our associates with the necessary tools to manage stress, and our collaboration with TELUS Health is a significant step towards making that a reality,” Murphy added.

The TELUS Health Wellbeing Assessment is designed to be efficient, effective, and personalized. It starts with a virtual meeting between the associate and a TELUS Health clinical team member, focusing on various aspects such as stress, relationships, and sleep.

The program offers tailored recommendations and an action plan, with the option for associates to seek further guidance from specialized health professionals.

Dr. Matthew Chow, Chief Mental Health Officer at TELUS Health, emphasized the uniqueness of the program.

“Typically, enhanced benefits are reserved for executives, but this program extends that support to associates, where the need is often greatest,” he noted.

He praised the initiative as a significant step towards empowering young lawyers and fostering resilience throughout their careers.

This collaboration builds on McMillan LLP’s previous wellness initiatives, including a pilot program conducted in 2023 at their Vancouver office, which involved 21 associates. Now, 114 associates across the firm are invited to participate in this comprehensive mental health support program, marking a significant advancement in the firm’s commitment to the wellbeing of its legal professionals.

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