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Ontario government completes $117 million expansion of Brampton courthouse

by HR Law Canada

The Ontario government has completed a significant expansion of the Brampton courthouse, a key move aimed at enhancing justice services in the bustling Peel Region. This development comes as a response to the increasing demand for judicial services in one of the province’s most populous areas.

Attorney General Doug Downey expressed his enthusiasm about the project: “A larger, more secure and accessible courthouse will address the growing needs of Peel Region and connect more people to critical court services, quickly and efficiently. This new accessible space is not only thoughtful in its design but is also a true reflection of positive transformation in our justice system.”

The expansion, backed by a $117 million investment from the government, encompasses six additional floors with 18 new hearing rooms. These include 13 courtrooms, three settlement conference spaces, and two pre-trial rooms, catering to both the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice. Notable features of the expansion are upgraded security aspects, including courtrooms designed for multiple accused persons and spaces for remote testimony. The design prioritizes improved accessibility, featuring barrier-free witness stands and specialized jury seating.

Minister of Infrastructure Kinga Surma commented on the project, stating, “Today’s announcement reaffirms our government’s commitment to strengthening the province’s judicial system and keeping communities safe. We are upgrading and modernizing critical infrastructure to meet the needs of Ontario’s rapidly growing population.”

The Brampton courthouse also integrates advanced technology to facilitate more virtual hearings, aligning with the government’s plan to transform Ontario’s courts into more accessible and responsive entities.

In the 2022-2023 period, the Brampton courthouse managed approximately 15,000 criminal cases, 4,100 family cases, 4,000 civil cases, and 5,000 small claims cases. The expansion boosts the courthouse’s hearing room capacity by 35 percent. The first phase of the project, completed in 2020, achieved the LEED Silver standard for its environmentally considerate design. Additionally, the project includes renovations to the neighboring Land Registry building.

Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz and Chief Justice Sharon Nicklas of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice, respectively, praised the expansion: “We applaud the government’s investment in expanding and improving the Brampton courthouse, one of Ontario’s busiest courthouses located in one of the fastest-growing regions in the province. The additional courtrooms and hearing rooms will allow both the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice to improve access to justice for people in Peel Region.”

Michael Lindsay, President and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario, and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, along with Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah, also expressed their support and gratitude for the government’s efforts in enhancing justice accessibility in the region.

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