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Deadline looming for Saskatchewan employers to implement violence policies

by HR Law Canada

Effective May 17, 2024, significant amendments to The Saskatchewan Employment Act will mandate all provincially regulated workplaces in Saskatchewan to implement dedicated violence policies and prevention plans. This legislative enhancement aims to bolster the protection of workers against workplace violence.

According to Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don McMorris, the initiative underscores the fundamental right of workers to safety. “Everyone has the right to feel safe when they come to work,” McMorris stated. “Having a violence policy and investigating all incidents is a step toward protecting workers from acts of violence.”

The revised regulations expand the scope of protection to include students, post-secondary students, volunteers, and contract workers, ensuring a comprehensive umbrella of safety across various work settings.

Key elements required in the violence policy and prevention plan include:

  • A commitment from employers to minimize or eliminate risks and to periodically review these policies and plans every three years.
  • Identification of specific worksites where violent incidents have occurred or are likely to occur.
  • Designation of staff positions that may be exposed to such situations.
  • Detailed procedures to inform workers about potential violence risks at their workplaces, including information on individuals known to have a history of violent behavior.
  • Steps an employer will take to reduce or eradicate violence risks.
  • Established processes for reporting and investigating violent incidents.
  • Recommendations for affected workers to seek medical consultation or counseling.
  • A pledge to provide relevant training for all workers to handle violent scenarios effectively.

This legislative update represents a proactive approach by the Saskatchewan government to ensure safer working environments across all sectors.

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