Manitoba receives top ranking in CFIB report card for reducing internal trade barriers

The Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. Photo: Canva/HR Law Canada

Premier Heather Stefanson announced that Manitoba has emerged as the national leader in reducing internal trade and labour mobility barriers, according to a report card issued by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

As the CFIB concluded, Manitoba surpasses all other provinces and territories in terms of having fewer internal trade and labour mobility barriers. This achievement reflects the Manitoba government’s unwavering commitment to driving economic growth and fostering trade opportunities for the benefit of all Manitobans, the province said in a press release.

Premier Stefanson stated, “Our government continues to deliver leading trade and economic growth opportunities for the benefit of all Manitobans. Now more than ever, as Manitoba families are dealing with affordability challenges, our government continues to lead by example to open more pathways to better prosperity.”

The CFIB report highlights that reducing internal trade and mobility restrictions could boost Canada’s real gross domestic product by over four percent, equivalent to over $1,500 for every Canadian family. Manitoba’s progress in this area positions it at the forefront of economic growth within the country, the province said.

Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Jeff Wharton expressed pride in Manitoba’s achievements, noting, “We are proud of our accomplishments in achieving the best position in such a relatively short timeframe, but we will keep pushing for necessary progress across the country to maximize impact and more opportunities for Manitobans.”

In addition to leading the way in reducing trade barriers, the Manitoba government has also signed the most regulatory reconciliation agreements to enhance cross-country business operations and streamline bureaucratic processes. Furthermore, Manitoba remains the sole jurisdiction in Canada to allow full direct-to-consumer alcohol sales with no import restrictions for personal use.

The Manitoba government’s commitment to fostering economic growth, reducing internal trade barriers, and streamlining regulations is evident in their exceptional ranking in the CFIB report card. The government’s efforts align with their mission to create more opportunities and prosperity for the people of Manitoba.