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Worker happiness increased across the country in July: ADP Canada

by HR Law Canada

In a recent report, ADP Canada’s monthly Happiness@Work Index indicates a rise in happiness levels among workers across generations and regions in July, following a decline in the previous month.

The Index reveals a National Work Happiness Score of 6.7/10 for July 2023, representing a slight increase of 0.1 points from June 2023.

Heather Haslam, vice-president of marketing at ADP Canada, attributes the overall increase in worker happiness to greater satisfaction with work-life balance and flexibility during the summer months. She suggests that the break many workers take during summer, along with potential summer policies like reduced hours on Fridays, may be contributing to the observed improvement in the National Work Happiness Score.

The Happiness@Work Index for July breaks down the key indicators of worker happiness as follows:

  • Primary Indicator: 6.9/10 (+0.1)
  • Secondary Indicators:
    • Work-Life Balance and Flexibility: 6.9/10 (+0.1)
    • Recognition and Support: 6.5/10 (-0.1)
    • Compensation and Benefits: 6.2/10 (+0.1)
    • Options for Career Advancement: 6.0/10 (+0.1)

The primary indicator of worker happiness, which measures satisfaction with current roles and responsibilities, has increased to 6.9, with 44 percent of Canadian workers expressing contentment with their work.

The report also provides insights into the happiness levels of different generations and regions in Canada:

  • Generational Snapshot:
    • Boomers (59+): 7.2/10 (-0.1)
    • Gen-Z (18-26): 6.7/10 (+0.2)
    • Millennials (27-42): 6.7/10 (+0.1)
    • Gen-X (43-58): 6.6/10 (+0.2)
  • Regional Work Happiness Score Snapshot:
    • Québec: 7.0/10 (-0.1)
    • Sask/Manitoba: 6.8/10 (+0.4)
    • British Columbia: 6.7/10 (-0.1)
    • Alberta: 6.6/10 (+0.2)
    • Ontario: 6.6/10 (+0.2)
    • Atlantic Canada: 6.5/10

The report notes that workers in Québec continue to be the happiest in Canada for the third consecutive month. However, Saskatchewan and Manitoba experienced the most significant increase in their Regional Work Happiness Scores, achieving their highest recorded scores this month.

The Happiness@Work Index is measured through a survey conducted by Maru Public Opinion on behalf of ADP Canada. The survey, administered to over 1,200 employed Canadian adults (including employees and self-employed individuals), rates workplace factors on a scale from 1 to 10. The results are weighted to match the population’s demographics to ensure representativeness. The estimated margin of error for a sample of this size is +/-2.8%, 19 times out of 20.

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