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New judges appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice

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The Ontario Court of Justice is set to welcome four new judges effective December 28, 2023, a move announced by the Ontario government. This latest appointment includes Justices Mikolaj Bernard Bazylko, Jennifer S. Daudlin, Julien Lalande, and Ashley Warne, each bringing a wealth of experience and community involvement to their roles.

Justice Mikolaj Bernard Bazylko, who joined the Ontario bar in 2009, has a background as an assistant Crown attorney in Windsor, followed by a position in the Chatham Crown Attorney’s Office. He has been deeply involved in community service, including his role on the board of directors of Linck Child, Youth and Family Supports, coaching youth soccer, and volunteering with law students at the University of Windsor. Chief Justice Sharon Nicklas has assigned him to Windsor.

Justice Jennifer S. Daudlin, admitted to the bar in 2008, has a diverse legal background, including working at Kelly Greenway Bruce in Oshawa and serving as staff duty counsel at Legal Aid Ontario. Daudlin also ran a bilingual family law firm and has been actively involved in mentorship programs and volunteering with Honorbound Kennels. She will be serving in a bilingual position in Toronto.

Justice Julien Lalande, another 2009 admittee to the bar, brings significant experience in prosecuting serious crimes, including intimate partner violence and human trafficking. His career spans roles as an assistant Crown attorney in Ottawa and as part of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Team. Lalande’s commitment extends beyond the courtroom, having volunteered with various community organizations and teaching at the University of Ottawa. He will take on a bilingual role in Cornwall.

Lastly, Justice Ashley Warne, called to the bar in 2007, has served as an assistant Crown attorney in Brampton and Kitchener, and has been actively engaged in community education programs. Chief Justice Nicklas has assigned her to Kitchener.

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