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SaskPower urges farmers to be careful when working near power lines during seeding season

by HR Law Canada

With the spring seeding season in full swing, SaskPower is urging Saskatchewan farmers to prioritize safety when working near power lines.

During the key agricultural periods of seeding and harvest, the risk of accidents involving farm equipment and power lines increases. In the previous year, there were 268 incidents related to farm equipment coming into contact with power lines, according to SaskPower data.

“Safety should be everyone’s top priority, particularly during such a busy time as spring seeding,” stated Nidal Dabghi, SaskPower’s Director of Safety. “We want producers to take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety so they can return home safely each day.”

To reduce risks, SaskPower advises farmers to take regular breaks to avoid fatigue, use a spotter when navigating large equipment near power lines, and plan their route in advance with the aid of the Look Up and Live interactive map. They also recommend collapsing or retracting equipment when possible to avoid accidental contacts.

In case of contact with a power line, operators should stay inside their vehicle and dial 911 immediately. If a fire starts, they must exit the vehicle safely by swinging the door open without touching the exterior, jumping clear from the vehicle, and keeping their feet together while hopping away to a safe distance of at least 10 meters.

SaskPower emphasizes the importance of these safety protocols in preventing injuries and ensuring that farmers manage their operations without incident during this critical time of the year.

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