Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission appoints five new commissioners

Five new commissioners have been appointed to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

Commissioners meet six times a year and are responsible for the strategic direction of the commission and making decisions on human rights issues, including referrals of complaints to boards of inquiry.

“The role of commissioners is essential,” said Joseph Fraser, Director and CEO of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. “Their collective wisdom, lived experiences and diverse perspectives ensure critical decisions about human rights are well informed and represent first voice and the interests of Nova Scotians.”

About the new commissioners

Diana Brothers, Bedford, is a former municipal leader and champion for anti-racism initiatives across all levels of government, community and within the education system. She served on the first fully elected school board in Kings County and was later elected as a councillor, deputy warden and eventually as the first female warden of the Municipality of the County of Kings.

Fola Adeleke, Halifax, is a lawyer specializing in data privacy, and a former head of research at the South African Human Rights Commission. He holds a PhD in International Law and is currently a Global Atlantic Fellow on social and economic equity at the London School of Economics.

Jenifer Tsang, Halifax, is a land use planner with extensive experience in public outreach and consultation as both a public servant and a private consultant. Her planning work ranges from balancing the rights and needs of Indigenous farmers with development pressures in Hawaii to volunteering for an Acadian community.

Julien Matte, Head of St. Margarets Bay, is a lawyer and investigator into allegations of discrimination and harassment. He has experience as an adjudicator on the Income Assistance Appeal Board, the Motor Vehicle Appeal Board and the Nova Scotia Small Claims Court, and received a Canadian National Pro Bono Distinguished Service Award.

Sharon Ross, Halifax, is a former federal public servant, community broadcaster and lifelong champion for the advancement of equity, diversity and inclusion. She has received Queen Elizabeth II Golden and Silver Jubilee medals and serves on the advancement and external relations committee of the board of governors at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Commissioners are appointed by an order of Executive Council. The new commissioners were each appointed to a three-year term on Oct. 11, 2022.

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