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Minimum wage in New Brunswick is now $15.20 an hour

by HR Law Canada

In New Brunswick, the minimum wage increased to $15.30 per hour on April 2, marking a significant adjustment aimed at enhancing living standards for low-wage workers, according to the provincial government.

Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Greg Turner highlighted the government’s focus on affordability, stating, “Our government is committed to improving affordability for all New Brunswickers.” This increase is part of a broader strategy to index the minimum wage to the province’s consumer price index (CPI), a policy in place since 2019 aimed at mitigating the impact of inflation on earnings.

Since 2019, the minimum wage in New Brunswick has seen a substantial rise of 36 per cent, reflecting the government’s efforts to ensure wages keep pace with the cost of living. The adjustment process ties wage increases to the CPI, rounded to the nearest five cents, ensuring that wage adjustments are closely aligned with economic conditions.

The move to link wage increases with the CPI, which saw a 3.6 per cent growth in 2023, is also designed to offer stability and predictability for businesses, according to Minister Turner. He noted, “Tying minimum wage increases to the consumer price index…provides stability and predictability for businesses preparing for increases when they occur.”

In 2023, the growth of the median wage in New Brunswick exceeded the national average, recording a 6.8 per cent increase compared to Canada’s 6.5 per cent. This growth underscores the province’s economic momentum and the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce.

Additionally, the New Brunswick government is accepting applications until June 30 for the one-time N.B. Workers Benefit of $300. This initiative aims to support working individuals and families who may not have benefited from previous government support measures. Information about the benefit and how to apply is available online, offering a direct resource for those seeking to take advantage of this support.

This wage increase and the supplementary benefits program underscore the New Brunswick government’s multifaceted approach to enhancing the economic well-being of its residents, particularly those earning lower wages.

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