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Union efforts ramp up at Amazon warehouse in Laval, Que: CSN

by HR Law Canada

The Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) has formally sought to unionize Amazon’s DXT4 warehouse in Laval, Que., marking a potentially historic shift for labour organization in Québec’s Amazon facilities.

On April 19, the CSN filed with the Administrative Labour Tribunal (ALT), aiming to represent 200 warehouse employees, it said in a press release.

“After months of effort, Amazon employees succeeded in convincing their co-workers that they must stand together to win against the behemoth,” stated CSN President Caroline Senneville. “On Friday, we notified the Tribunal that a majority of employees at the DXT4 warehouse had signed union cards. We are asking the ALT to recognize their desire to form a union and we will be closely watching the multinational’s actions in the coming days.”

In recent weeks, the Laval Amazon Workers Union–CSN has seen a surge in membership, it said. Employees have voiced multiple grievances, including the demanding pace of work, insufficient health and safety measures, and wages considered low compared to other Québec warehouse and fulfillment centres.

Senneville commended the workers’ bravery, highlighting the adverse conditions under which they have rallied. “Amazon has been waging a scare campaign at its Québec warehouses for months, flooding the workplaces with anti-union propaganda. It’s time for the intimidation of employees to stop and for labour rights to be respected in Québec.”

In the next steps of the process, the ALT will reach out to Amazon management to collect a list of employees as mandated by the Québec Labour Code. This step is crucial to confirm that a majority of employees support unionization.

Amazon has historically resisted unionization efforts, often using strategies that could delay or disrupt the process. However, Québec’s stringent labour laws restrict employer interference in union activities. Sections 12, 13, and 15 of the Labour Code specifically prohibit any actions that could hinder employee association or retaliate against workers for claiming their rights.

“We can assure Amazon employees that our legal teams are ready, and that workers’ rights will be respected,” Senneville affirmed. She also encouraged employees in other Amazon facilities across Québec to advocate for their rights against what she termed a “giant multinational.”

For further details on the unionization drive at Amazon in Québec, interested parties can visit sesyndiquer.org/mawu/english.

The CSN, established in 1921, represents over 330,000 workers in various sectors across Québec and Canada, advocating for employee rights in public and parapublic sectors.

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