Top 10 employment law stories in Canada for 2022

HR Law Canada's 10 most viewed stories for 2022.

It’s been a fun first year for HR Law Canada. We launched in August, and have steadily built a loyal following of HR professionals, employment lawyers and business leaders.

We’re thankful for your support, and we look forward to covering the court rulings and trends shaping Canadian workplaces throughout 2023.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 stories, by page views, from 2022. Infographic below.

Number 1: Air Canada and COVID

An Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner takes off from a runway. Photo: Air Canada

Read story: Air Canada worker awarded 24 months’ notice following COVID-related termination

Number 2: Nurse behaving badly

Read story: 5-month suspension upheld for nurse who allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct towards students

Number 3: Pub worker sexually harassed in Alberta

The interior of a pub. Photo: Elevate/Pexels

Read story: Pub worker, sexually harassed by owner, awarded $35,000

Number 4: Secret recordings OK

A vintage cassette audiotape. Photo: Dmitry Demidov/Pexels

Read story: Worker’s secret audio recording of conversation with bosses OK, rules Alberta court

Number 5: No-notice clauses in employment contracts for just cause

An employment contract being signed. Photo: HR Law Canada/Canva

Read story: Ontario judge tosses out termination clause that specified no notice for just-cause dismissal

Number 6: The role of bystanders in reducing sexual harassment, bullying

Photo: Canva/HR Law Canada

Read story: Bystanders have huge role to play in reducing sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace

Number 7: Vicarious liability and sexual harassment

Photo: Yan Krukov/Pexels

Read story: Employers can’t be vicariously liable for sexual harassment: Ontario court

Number 8: ‘After-the-fact’ narrative at doctor’s office

Photo: Canva/HR Law Canada

Read story: Doctor’s office engaged in ‘after-the-fact’ narrative in constructive dismissal case

Number 9: Pandemic didn’t nullify pub’s employment contracts

Read story: Pandemic did not nullify all employment contracts at pub

Number 10: Arbitrator hangs up on Bell Canada’s Zoom request

A Zoom meeting in progress. Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

Read story: Bell Canada tries to force hearing off Zoom to in-person, but arbitrator says no

HR Law Canada’s top 10 stories of 2022: The infographic


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