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Aggressive quitting: Nearly 7 in 10 Canadians have fantasized about tendering an epic resignation letter

by HR Law Canada

Ever been stuck in a toxic work environment, daydreaming of the perfect ‘scorched earth’ resignation letter? Well, you’re not alone.

According to a recent study by Resume.io, nearly seven in 10 (68%) of Canadians have fantasized about tendering an aggressive resignation letter. But here’s the twist — many of them consider such letters ‘unCanadian.’

Resume.io, a resume builder, has created a series of online templates for resignation letters that range from sweet to peppery, fiery, and, finally, “scorched earth.”

However, the team at Resume.io playfully advises sticking to a sweet or a ‘little salty’ tone in your letter. The templates allow users to creatively describe their unpleasant workplace experiences with phrases like ‘Soul crushing and conformist beige box,’ or ‘horrific generator of mediocrity,’ or even ‘space and time vortex of sadness.’

The tongue-in-cheek grievances listed in the templates include amusing gems like: ‘You may decorate this place with a used foosball table and toys so clients can believe it’s a ‘fun’ and creative place to work … but the staff aren’t fooled,’ or ‘the office smells like a combination of burnt popcorn and stale coffee. Be a hero and invest in some air fresheners or candles.’

If you’re curious to channel your resignation rage creatively, you can find these ‘scorched earth’ resignation letter templates on the Resume.io website.

Resume.io went a step further and conducted a national survey to dig into the real deal on resignation rage among Canadians. Here are some interesting insights they discovered:

(NOT) Living the Dream: 64.8% of Canadians have dreamt about quitting their job with an ‘aggressive’ resignation letter. Among them, 22.5% said they could never be that unprofessional, while 10.80% were unsure.

‘Bad’ Writing: When it comes to the most aggressive thing they’ve ever written in a resignation letter, 19.6% cited a fairly safe ‘general criticism of management.’ One brave soul even told their boss, “pay was so bad that they couldn’t even afford coffee.”

Aggressively Yours: If given the chance to write an aggressive resignation letter, 41.4% of Canadians would give ‘general criticisms of management,’ and 36.4% would be ‘specific’ about management criticisms.

The Grievances: 21.8% of Canadians expressed their grievances at work, with ‘not enough pay’ topping the list. Others lamented about ‘endless, unproductive meetings,’ ‘not enough raises,’ and the dreaded ‘hot desk’ situation.

Is It Canadian? Interestingly, 68.2% of Canadians feel that writing an aggressive resignation letter is ‘unCanadian.’

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